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 Beleive in Christmas

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MessageSujet: Beleive in Christmas   Lun 26 Déc - 23:20

[C'est dans le cadre de mon cours d'Anglais, il fallait inventer une histoire pour envoyer a des jeunes anlglophones de la maternelle de Colombie-Britanique... Comme j'l'aime bien cette petite histoire, je vous la partage ^^... s'il vous plaît, lisez là avec votre coeur d'enfant, parce que, juste de même, ça n'a rien d'extraordinaire... Ah... et excusez les fautes... l'Anglais n'étant pas ma langue maternelle. ]

Beleive in Christmas

Once upon a time, a kid named Steven really enjoyed watching the Christmas tree. Each year, the Christmas tree was different but the lovely smell and the ornements brought back some great memories, even if Steven didn't beleive in Christmas magic.
On the eve of Christmas, Steven was staring, as usual, at the tree, when he suddenly heard a strange noise coming from a Christmas bell. He looked around the tree, and finally find from which one the noise came. It wasn't an ordinary Christmas ball. It strangly shine in the dark. Steven never saw it before. Then, he heard a little voice that said "Touch me, touch me"
So Steven approach himself from the misterious bell and with curiosity took it in his hand.
Immediatly, the Christmas ball started to vibrate and suddenly, an elf appeared in front of Steven. :dwarf:
"-Hello Steven," said the elf, I'm a Santa's elf. We need your help. Santa is in big trouble and it's just your magic power that can arrange the situation"
Steven was very surprise... "-But Santa didn't exist!... And I don't have any magic power! " he said.
" -Sure that Santa exist!...And every kids have magic power. Take my hand now, the situation is ...critical. "

So, Steven took the elf's hand, and then, the world around them began to turn until Steven realised that they were at the North Pole, and neir of them, there was a reindeer rendeer and an old man with a big white beard. santa
"-Ho-ho-ho...Hello Steven, said the old man. This is Ruddolf, my precious reindeer... he's sick. But if you touch his nose with your magic, he'll feel better."
Steven didn't really understand wath was happening but he even touched the nose of the reindeer. Nothing happended. " -Look, he said, I don't have any power!
-It's because you don,t beleive in Christmas, said the old man. You have to beleive in it, it's important, and hurry up little Steven or I will be late for ma delivery of the gift"

Steven was thinking... *The old man very look like Santa Claus, santa and there were an elf :dwarf: and a reindeer rendeer over there. Maybe it's real after all.*
Suddenly, cause of his thought, a luminous ball appeared in his hand... "-Oh my God...It's really real! " said Steven
And the ball grew, Steven touched the nose of the reindeer with it and the ball so grew that Steven can't saw nothing, he just heard in the big light " Ho-ho-ho-ho! santa "

...Steven woke up into his bed. It was the morning...and it was Christmas!...So, he got up from his bed and went in front of the Christmas tree where he saw a big gift with a little card where it was written:

"Thank you Steven

For this day on, Steven always beleive in Christmas...

The end
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Beleive in Christmas
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